Throughout most of my life I’ve been told. ”You need to put down that pencil.” I’ve never been able to do it. So if I can’t put down the pencil I better at least be good at wielding it. As a child I would draw monsters and heroes and build spaceships out of Legos, whatever crept out from the deepest innards of my imagination. Inspired by movies like Star Wars, The Fifth Element, and Disney’s Hercules. The elements I saw in these films and many others like them, continued to intrigue and coax the fires of my creativity throughout my young life, right into my adult one. With the unending support of my parents I headed off to college. In 2005, I attended the Milwaukee institutes of Art and Design, pursuing a degree in Animation because I still enjoyed cartoons far too much. In these years I learned the power of the computer and how it would empower my ideas, magnifying every concept and pushing pencil and paper further than I ever imagined. After graduating in 2009 I worked at Backlot Imaging. The work there included the restoration of films and some VFX work. It is here I had my first industry job, and got to work on the original Planet of the Apes. In 2010, I moved to California to continue the pursuit of my dream. Soon after arriving I started working at Legend 3D as a stereo compositor, converting the first 3 Shrek movies to 3D.

 In 2011, I worked on two of the summers biggest movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and The Smurfs. My career has taken a turn down VFX alley but the lingering need to draw and paint will never subside, It is what I am born to do. Which brings you here, this site contains a small sample of my minds regurgitations some pretty, some not so much. I hope you enjoy your stay and check back often I plan creating a rich environment here with much to see.